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Disclaimers and Prohibited Matters/Deletion Criteria


- The Group will make no guarantee of the content that is posted by users or third parties. In addition, the Group will not assume responsibility for any contact with unpleasant, harmful, or inappropriate information nor for any damage owing to troubles that happen to users or third parties arising therefrom.

- Not all the posted content will express the Group’s official opinion. Official announcements will be made on the Group’s website or in a press release, etc.

- The ownership of copyrights, etc. of the posted content will belong to the user him/herself who posted such content; however, it will be deemed as a result of posting that the user has granted the Group a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use (reproduce, process, extract, or publish) the posted content throughout the world and has accepted in advance that he/she will not exercise the moral rights of author or any other similar rights whatsoever against the Group.

- Information on social media will be current as of the date of posting and may be changed thereafter.

- Information provided by users may be used for the Group’s future activities and analysis data after confirmation.

- The official accounts of various social media services may be terminated or deleted without notice.

- The Group may make advance posts within the official applications of individual social media or using an external tool, and consequently, content that is contextually inappropriate may be posted at an unintended timing, such as in an emergency.

- The Group may change this social media policy without notice. In this case, the latest policy will apply to the utilization of social media.

Prohibited Matters/Deletion Criteria

To achieve better communication in official social media accounts, posts including the following content will be prohibited.
In addition, as the Group considers communication with customers to be important, posts the Group receives will not be deleted, in principle. However, please note that the Group may delete posts or block the posting accounts if the posts include the following content.

- Content that offends or is likely to offend public order and morals, or that violates or is likely to violate laws and regulations

- Spoofing, misrepresentation of content, or misleading content

- Content that interferes with constructive discussions

- Content that discriminates or defames a third party, or that infringes on privacy or human rights, etc.

- Spam

- Acts that infringe the Group’s or a third party’s copyrights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights

- Political activities, campaigning, or religious activities

- Content including commercial activities, such as introduction, advertising, and promotion of their own products/stores/companies

- Content that leads or is likely to lead to criminal acts

- Inappropriate content, including obscene words

- Content that damages the trust/reputation of the Group

- Acts of sending, disclosing, copying, or writing personal information (e-mail address, address, telephone number, or other information concerning privacy) to other users or third parties without prior approval of the Group and relevant individuals

- Acts of interfering with or damaging the Group’s business operation by virus or hacking, etc.

- Acts or content that the Group deems inappropriate in operating the official accounts

- Acts or content that are deemed to violate the terms of use stipulated by individual social media