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Social Media Policy

The Chifure Group will comply with the social media policy stipulated below in using social media.
*"The Chifure Group" as used in this Social Media Policy refers to Chifure Holdings Corporation, Chifure Corporation, Hikarimirai Corporation, Japan Organic Corporation, Azalea Corporation, and Elfen Sports Club Inc.

Purpose of Using Social Media

- To listen to customer opinions more through the utilization of social media with the aim of conducting our business activities from the customer's viewpoint at all times; and to understand products, services and trends that customers want at the moment and reflect the information and opinions obtained therefrom in the The Chifure Group’s products, services and business activities; in addition, to raise customer satisfaction through them. 
- To inform more customers about products, services and business activities the The Chifure Group provides as well as philosophies and thoughts instilled therein.
- To build a new communication system through the utilization of social media as a means of creating a link with more customers.
- To provide a new brand value that suits the needs of the times and thereby to aim at enhancing the brand value.

Basic Operation Guidelines

- In using social media, The Chifure Group will comply with various laws and regulations as well as work rules and internal operation guidelines established with this social media policy to properly operate them.
- Personal information will be handled based on the The Chifure Group’s Privacy Policy.
- If any posts or articles, etc. of a third party are cited, the sources and cited parts will be clearly stated without fail.

Stance Toward Operation

The Chifure Group post information on the Internet (social media) with an ongoing awareness that many and unspecified users can see it, and that once information is posted it can never be entirely deleted.
- The person in charge of operations will, with a full understanding that he/she is a representative of The Chifure Group, respect cultures/manners of individual social media as a user of social media and humbly listen to opinions that users posted there.
The Chifure Group will, with awareness that the posts may have a considerable influence not only within social media, but also upon society, take responsibility for the posts and response thereto, and make an effort to always post correct information or information that cannot be misunderstood to users. If the posted information is incorrect or language that can lead to misunderstanding is used, The Chifure Group will promptly apologize and correct the information.

Stance Required of All The Chifure Group Employees and Partner Companies

With regard to all The Chifure Group employees and partner companies, not only the person in charge of operations, but also all those who participate in social media will be required to understand this social media policy and the internal operation guidelines and engage in social media in a sensible manner.
- All The Chifure Group employees will make an effort to post sensible remarks/contents in line with the management philosophy with an awareness that even the contents that each employee posts on the accounts of social media services that are used by him/herself may greatly affect The Chifure Group’s credibility and brand image.
- All The Chifure Group employees will be prohibited from conducting any acts of advertising The Chifure Group or comparing with other companies while concealing their identity or using a false identity in posting information privately.
- Either the person in charge of the official accounts or individuals will make an effort not to make any remarks that might be misinterpreted as The Chifure Group’s formal opinion about the business activities or each brand on any accounts other than The Chifure Group’s official accounts.

To Users (Information and Requests)

- The Chifure Group will make no guarantee of the contents that are posted by users or third parties. In addition, The Chifure Group will assume no responsibility for any contact with unpleasant, harmful or inappropriate information as well as any damage owing to troubles that happen to users or third parties arising therefrom. 
- Not all the posted content will express The Chifure Group’s official opinion. Official announcements will be made on The Chifure Group’s website or in a press release, etc.
- The ownership of copyrights, etc. of the posted content will belong to the user him/herself who posted such content; however, it will be deemed as a result of posting that the user has granted The Chifure Group a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use (reproduce, process, extract or publish) the posted content throughout the world and has accepted in advance that he/she does not exercise the moral rights of author or any other similar rights whatsoever against The Chifure Group.
- Information on social media will be current as of the date of posting and may be changed thereafter.
- Information provided by customers may be used for The Chifure Group’s future activities and analysis data after confirmation.
- The official accounts of various social media services may be terminated or deleted without notice.
- The Chifure Group may make an advance post within the official applications of individual social media or using an external tool, and thereby the contents that become inappropriate in an emergency may be posted at an unintended timing, such as in an emergency.
- The Chifure Group may change this social media policy without notice. In this case, the latest policy will apply to the utilization of social media.
- With regard to opinions and questions, etc. The Chifure Group receives, The Chifure Group may reply to some of them according to the contents; however, please note that The Chifure Group does not guarantee that all of them will be answered. For inquiries that require a reply, such as questions or counseling for the use of products, please confirm the following contact points and contact us.
Official websites of Chifure Group Companies (contact information, as of March 2022) *Japanese only
Official brand accounts online (as of March 2022)
【Official accounts of the Chifure Group】
【Official accounts of Chifure Group brands】
[Official accounts of Chifure Corporation]
Chifure Brand Official Account
Chifure Brand Official Account
chifure official[@chifureofficial]
Chifure Brand Official Account

Chifure Brand Official Account (Thailand)
Chifure Thailand Official[@ChifureThailand]
Chifure Brand Official Account (Taiwan,Hong Kong,Macau)
Chifure Taiwan[@ChifureTaiwan]
Chifure Brand Official Account (Malaysia,Singapore,Brunei)
Chifure Malaysia & Singapore[@chifuremysg]

Chifure Brand Official Account (Vietnam)
Chifure Vietnam[@chifurevietnam]
Chifure Brand Official Account (China)
Chifure Brand Official Account (Taiwan)
 [Official accounts of Hikarimirai Corporation]
AYAKA Brand Official Account
AYAKA/Chifure AS Elfen Saitama
HIKARIMIRAI Brand Official Account
HIKARIMIRAI/Chifure AS Elfen Saitama
●Hikarimirai Corporation
Hikarimirai Corporation Official Account

 [Official accounts of  Japan Organic Corporation]
●do organic
do organic Official Account
do organic[@welcome.doorganic]
do organic Official Account
do organic Official Account
do organic[@do_organic]
do organic Official Account
●do natural
do natural Official Account
●Japan Organic Corporation
Japan Organic Corporation Official Account
【Official shop accounts of the Chifure Group】
C-Marché direct sales

C-Marché direct sales
【Official accounts of the Chifure Group: Chifure AS Elfen Saitama】
Elfen Saitama[@elfenofficial]
Chifure AS Elfen Saitama[@elfen_official]

Chifure AS Elfen Saitama 

Prohibitions and Deletion Standards

To realize better communication in Social Media official accounts, posts including the following contents will be prohibited.
In addition, as The Chifure Group considers that communication with customers is important, the posts The Chifure Group receives will not be deleted, in principle. However, please note that The Chifure Group may delete posts or block the posting accounts if the posts include the following contents. 
- Contents that offend or are likely to offend public order and morals, violate or are likely to violate laws and regulations
- Spoofing, misrepresentation of contents or misleading contents
- Contents that interrupt constructive discussions
- Contents that discriminate or defame a third party, or infringe privacy or human rights, etc.
- Spam
- Acts that infringe The Chifure Group’s or a third party’s copyrights, portrait rights or other intellectual property rights
- Political activities, campaigning or religious activities
- Contents including commercial activities, such as introduction, advertising and promotion of their own products/stores/companies
- Contents that lead or are likely to lead criminal acts
- Inappropriate contents, including obscene words
- Contents that damage the trust/reputation of The Chifure Group
- Acts of sending, disclosing, copying or writing personal information (e-mail address, address, telephone number or other information concerning privacy) to other users or third parties without prior approval of The Chifure Group and relevant individuals
- Acts of interfering with or damaging The Chifure Group’s business operation by virus or hacking, etc.
- Acts or contents that The Chifure Group deems inappropriate in operating the official accounts
- Acts or contents that are deemed to violate the terms of use stipulated by individual social media