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Social Media Policy

The Chifure Group (hereafter, “the Group”) shall observe the following social media policy when utilizing social media.

Definition of Social Media

The Group defines social media as media that transmits information widely over the internet or that enables the exchange of information by way of mutual communication between companies and customers, or between customers, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Purpose of Using Social Media

To deepen understanding about the Group by informing more customers about the Group’s products, services, and business activities as well as the philosophies and thoughts behind them.

To listen to customer opinions and reflect those opinions and thoughts in the Group’s products, services, and business activities; and by doing so, to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the Group’s brand value and trust.

Operation Guidelines

All the Group’s employees and partner companies shall operate appropriately by complying with relevant various laws and regulations as well as internal operation guidelines and the Group’s privacy policy.
If any posts or articles, etc. of a third party are cited, the sources and cited parts shall be clearly stated without fail.

Basic Operational Stance

The person in charge of operations will, with a full understanding that he/she is a representative of the Group, respect the culture and manners of each social media outlet and humbly listen to user opinions that are posted there.
The Group will, with awareness that the posts may have a considerable influence not only within social media, but also upon society, take responsibility for the posts and the response thereto, and make an effort to always post correct information and information that will not mislead users. If the posted information is incorrect or contains misleading language, the Group shall promptly apologize and correct the information.

Note to Customers

Please note that the Group may be unable to reply to all the opinions and questions it receives. Before sending inquiries that require a reply, such as questions or consultations about product use, please check the “Customer Support” section of each official website.

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