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Shrinking our ecological footprint

Human beings can hope for health and beauty only if our planet is healthy and beautiful. This is why we strive to make products using no more resources — energy, water, lipids, and polymers — than necessary. As the first Japanese cosmetics company to offer refills, Chifure has pioneered plastic waste reduction since 1974. Now we are phasing in natural plant-based polymer containers to replace petroleum-based plastic. Chifure was also a leader in eliminating CFCs, aerosols and sprays in general.

Empowering women

Japan’s dwindling workforce and low birthrate make it imperative that more women participate at every level of society. At Chifure, we encourage and empower women both inside and outside our business. Our CSR activities include a volunteer beauty specialist program, ongoing support for women starting businesses, and top-level sponsorship of a women’s soccer team. Chifure employees enjoy a bias-free promotion policy based strictly on experience and ability. In addition to childcare support we also provide full maternity-leave benefits and gladly welcome back all who wish to continue their careers.